Rappel Activity in Cahorros September 2020

Actividad de Rappel en Los Cahorros Septiembre 2020 1 | Dim Trap

Rappel Activity in Cahorros September 2020

On Sunday, September 20, 2020, an activity took place in Los Cahorros, Monachil, that aroused the curiosity of those passing by. DIM TRAP launched an innovative initiative for those who wanted to descend from the rock by rappelling in a completely free and safe way. At that time, there was a professional team of ropes and harnesses, accompanied by specialized monitors.


Rappelling in a waterfall is a technique used in canyoning descents and gives those who practice it a unique skill and experience to feel the power of water and the energy of nature.

More than 80 people could see how users descended the waterfall located in this Monachil environment. Approximately 30 brave people dared and put themselves in the hands of DIM TRAP for the descent.

Los Cahorros (Monachil)

The Monachil River canyon forms one of the most beautiful, easy and popular hiking trails in the province of Granada. This gorge, known as Los Cahorros, is also an area frequented by climbing and rappelling enthusiasts and is ideal for a day in the countryside due to its proximity to the capital.


The V-shaped valley of the Monachil River, due to its scarcity of soil, human action, and altitude, gives rise to a vegetation of shrubs that coexist with riverbank plants, such as reeds, poplars, rushes, and esparto. This determines the fauna, rich in insectivorous and granivorous birds, amphibians, and mammals such as wild boar and populations of mountain goats. Los Cahorros area is a mid-mountain area of limestone materials, younger than the siliceous materials of the high peaks, which results in more abrupt but highly erodible formations.

Adventure and sports

DIM TRAP will continue to propose and organize more free activities throughout the year so that users gain experience and adapt to the environment of adventure sports in Granada. Thus, they can dare to take on more extreme challenges in the future.

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