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Rio Verde Granada

Located between the provinces of Granada and Malaga, Rio Verde is a magical canyon of crystal-clear waters that reflect the greenery of the surrounding vegetation. During the ascent route, you can observe some of the wells that get your adrenaline pumping to jump, rappel, and swim while descending the canyon.

What is canyoning?

Canyoning, also called canyoneering, is an adventure where we follow the course of a river while jumping, rappelling, and swimming through its waters, always with adrenaline and excitement running high during the activity.

What do I need for canyoning in Andalusia?

For canyoning in Andalusia, we will use a preferably 5mm neoprene wetsuit to better protect against the cold and rocks of the river, specialized canyoning ropes, safety carabiners, and figure-eight devices that are always provided by the company for the activity.

What are the best places for canyoning in Granada?

Rio Verde is a star location for canyoning in Granada due to its diverse options adaptable to every sports level, crystal-clear waters, and various jumps, rappels, and caves.