Via Ferrata in Granada

Via Ferrata in Granada and Malaga

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Cueva de Hora



(Berja, Almería)

La Solana


El Chorro (Caminito del Rey)




Tajo de Ronda


La Colmena


Locubín Castle


Via ferrata in Granada

Around the province of Granada, there are via ferratas for all levels and tastes. The Zafarraya via ferrata, with its zip lines and hanging bridges, is adaptable to each level since its sections are separated according to the existing need.
An undoubtedly challenging adventure for the strongest is the La Colmena de Quéntar via ferrata, with a monkey bridge that challenges balance and a steep incline at the end of the route designed for those with the most endurance.
For lovers of views, there is the Cueva de Horá via ferrata in Loja, which will leave you breathless and adrenaline-pumped with its 80-meter-long zip line!
The Moclín via ferrata holds a special place in our hearts as the first via ferrata we decided to offer to the public. With its fun challenges and beautiful views of the Moclín Castle, it is a must-visit on this list!

Via ferrata en Malaga

The province of Malaga has via ferratas quite close to the coast, inviting us to see different and mysterious marine landscapes. One of the most famous is El Chorro via ferrata, with its incredible views of the Caminito del Rey and the reservoir in the background. It challenges the senses with its considerable incline and deep drops, and jumping into a zip line into the void is one of the adventures of this place!
The Comares via ferratas have colors like no other, with rocks in yellow tones and dreamlike landscapes. Zip lines and hanging bridges await you as you live a wonderful experience close to the Maro cliff beach, very popular in the region.