Get to know us!

Our history and focus


A family business that aims for technological innovation in active tourism. With a 360° turn in the field of nature activities that we have been offering for over 20 years, we want to turn common itineraries into adventures and experiential experiences for our customers. 

Using virtual reality, geolocation, and treasure search apps, history, customs, and idioms of this beautiful country, in adventure and nature activities, we will be pioneers applying technological innovation that will allow us to socially integrate groups with reduced mobility or difficulties in performing active tourism, thus breaking barriers with our services in a new market. 

At the same time, opening up a range of expanding possibilities, such as companies and workgroups through experiences and adventures, and consolidating leadership development, communication, achievement orientation, business development, and group management. 

We see the future with ambition, planning diversification in the European territory and new products in the tourism sector. We create a project that allows us to scale and adapt to the new needs of the market, knowing that technology is our best ally to achieve innovation in our sector.