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Hiking routes in Granada and Malaga

Veleta Summit Trail


Dehesas of Generalife Hike


Cahorros Hike with Adventure


Sierra Nevada Snowshoeing Adventure


Gollizno Hiking Trail


Ascent to the Mulhacen Peak


Vereda de la Estrella Trail


Caminito del Rey


In the surroundings of Sierra Nevada, there is a paradise for hiking lovers worldwide, from routes through mysterious waterfalls to wonderful hanging bridges in Granada. Each route offers something special for each person.

Snowshoeing in Sierra Nevada is adaptable to everyone, both for the most adventurous and for those who want to enjoy the views at a leisurely pace, always with a combination of views, snow, and good vibes as companions on this adventure. Plus, hot chocolate surrounded by the winter landscapes of Sierra Nevada in Granada is the star of the activity.

Granada is full of history and culture, visit beyond the Alhambra and discover the secret views of Andalusia with the Dehesas del Generalife route. Forest and sunset are a classic plan for nature lovers, and with good reason!

The Caminito del Rey in Malaga has wonderful views of the reservoirs and surroundings. However, the extended Caminito del Rey with the Via Ferrata el Chorro is a full-day adventure to enjoy to the fullest, ending as always with our special picnic.

The highest peninsular peak in Spain, Mulhacén, is a route for adventurers who want to go beyond their limits and reach the summit of a wonder in the middle of Sierra Nevada. The Ascension to Mulhacén route starts in the Alpujarras, which is itself a wonder full of charming ancient towns, alleys, and special touches that will make you wish you stay forever.

Los Cahorros is a paradise for climbers located in Monachil, half an hour from Granada, with the most beautiful and fun hanging bridges in the region. But it is also an excellent place to venture out to climb, rappel, and descend the highest waterfall in the park, an adrenaline-filled adventure that goes beyond conventional hiking.

The Vereda de la Estrella offers a charm of mountain landscapes, a hiking route to fill us with the beauty of the landscapes of Sierra Nevada, forests, rivers, and almond trees filling the scene as we walk through one of the most famous hiking routes in Granada.

The Gollizno Route in Moclín starts with views of the castle of Moclín and Sierra Nevada, surrounded by a forest and feeling the tranquility of the village. Although there are several ways to do it, they all lead us to a magical forest where we can feel that some elf or fairy may be nearby, pass through mysterious constructions and spot the crop life in the surroundings. We also pass by a spectacular viewpoint where we feel how small we are in the world that surrounds us and walk on a hanging platform over the Velillos river, also over a hanging bridge, and with movie-like views throughout the route, a wonderful adventure.